Windows Embedded
What is Embedded platform

Windows® Embedded is a family of operating systems that offer developers similar tools and technologies for fast introduction of smart, connected, business-oriented next-generation devices to market.
Windows® Embedded products are compatible with industry standards and Microsoft® technologies, enabling connectivity to PCs, services, servers, and other devices.
Windows® Embedded products are worldwide supported by Windows® Embedded partners and active community of developers.
Windows® Embedded products are available for at least 15 years.


Cost effective
A simple licensing model
Long-term availability


The device must have a dedicated function.
The operating system must be preinstalled.
The device must be accompanied by a valid certificate of authenticity (COA).

Embedded family of products

Windows® Embedded Enterprise
Windows® 7 for Embedded Systems allows you to use all the features of Windows® 7 on your embedded device. You can choose between Windows® 7 Professional for Embedded® Systems and Windows® 7 Ultimate for Embedded System depending on what features you need.
Use new features such as Multitouch, DirectAccess, VHD boot with Windows® 7 for Embedded Systems.

Windows® Embedded Standard
Windows® Embedded Standard 7 is the newest release Embedded based upon Windows® 7 Ultimate. It is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.
Split in 150 feature packages and more Than 300 driver packs - Windows® Embedded Standard 7 offers a high flexibility to build a system fitting your needs.
Explore new features like Windows® Media Center, VHD Boot, Multitouch, etc. with Windows® Embedded Standard 7th A new setup experience allows you to setup your system very easily by using a wizard-driven graphical installer directly on your target device.
Windows® Embedded Standard 7 includes all Embedded Enabling Features, such as the Enhanced Write Filter, File Based Write Filter, Registry Filter, USB Boot, Dialog Blocker, etc...

Windows® Embedded Compact
Windows® Embedded Compact 7 is the evulution of Windows® Embedded CE. It is a componentized, realtime and small footprint operating system with full access to the systems source code. Build devices with new technologies such as Silverlight for Windows® Embedded, Multitouch, Internet Explorer and many more.

Windows® Embedded Server
Windows® Embedded Server is binary identical to Windows® Server. Windows® Server 2012 for embedded systems offers a proven, robust, highly available and reliable operating system for OEMs for embedded applications in server appliances in a wide variety of industries where long term product availability is essential, particularly in Intelligent Systems architectures.
It helps increase hardware utilization, optimize data storage efficiency with scale and performance advantages. You can build server appliances that run Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 for embedded systems databases for enhanced business intelligence, interoperate with client computers and connect to the cloud.

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