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PROVISIO SiteKiosk 8 - Security for public access computers

SiteKiosk locks down your public computers and protects the operating system / system-critical folders against any kind of unwanted user manipulation. You can also configure which websites, programs and folders the user has access to. See feature list below.

Better use SiteKiosk 8! - DENIPKIOSK is PROVISIO SiteKiosk 8 authorized distributor.

OS & Browser lockdown
Zabezpečení systémových disků, složek a souborů neautorizovanému přístupu
Display in fullscreen mode
Folder/file access management
Remote maintenance
URL access restricting
Execute programs you specified
Pop-up blocker
VoIP video and voice conferencing
Skype telephony
Session reset after idle time
Scheduled shutdown & restart
On-screen touch keyboard - user defined keys
User statistics
Automatic actualization

Kiosks and Internet caffé terminals
Company Internetu/Intranet Access
Fair-trade and Exposition kiosks/terminals
Libraries and Museums
Self-service kiosks for employees
Advertising displays
Schools and Universities
City info points and points of service and interest
POP / POS / POI Terminals
Public Internet Access

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